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XLT is without a doubt one of the leading providers of training in industrial plastics.

Our head poly trainer has had 20 years experience in poly fabrication, piping and training, and teaches nothing but poly and related courses.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a leading edge approach with constantly upgraded resources.

Recently, staff visited one of the worlds leading industrial plastics suppliers Agru, in Austria, to learn some of the latest developments in the field, such as the IR (infra-red) and BCF (bead and crevice free) pipe welding techniques used in very high purity piping systems for pharmaceurical and semi-conductor applications.

Our pipe welding courses are delivered in accordance with the PIPA (Plastics Industry Pipeline Association) guidelines for training and as such go above and beyond standard training package content.

XLT can and have delivered courses on-site throughout Australia and the Oceania region.

XLT is scoped to deliver the following training programs within the PMB07 Training Package:

Butt Weld Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines (PMBWELD301B)

Butt welding (Butt fusion) of the Polyethylene (PE) pipelines and piping components in accordance with the Australian Guidelines POP003, AS4130, AS4131 and ISO21307(E).

The course is appropriate for people working in the mining sector especially process technicians and personnel involved in dewatering, as well as anyone working in gas and water infrastructure and pipeline construction.

Electrofusion Weld Polyethylene Pipelines (PMBWELD302B)

Electrofusion welding of Polyethylene (PE) pipelines and fittings for pressure applications in accordance with Australian Guidelines POP001, AS4129, AS4130, AS4131.

The course is appropriate for people involved in the installation and maintenance of pipelines transmitting gas and liquids as well as personnel working in the mining sector.

Weld Plastics using Extrusion and Injection Techniques (PMBWELD309A)

Extrusion welding of PE, PP and PVC plastic components in accordance with German Guidelines DVS 2209 and DVS 2205.

Installation of PE Plastic Pressure Pipelines (PMBWELD305B)

Installation of PE pipelines in accordance with AS/NZS 2033, AS/NZS 2566 part 2. Welding the pipe is easy, installing them correctly is another thing entirely. Strongly recommended for engineers, supervisors, leading hands as well as welder/installers.

Weld Plastics Materials (PMBPROD287B)

Hot Air, Socket, Wedge and other techniques covered with either full or partial completion of this unit.

Cut Materials With A Hand-Held Chainsaw (FPICOT2238A)

A vital support unit for site work. For many companies it is a site requirement before chainsaws are allowed to be used.

Other training programs offered include:

  • Solvent Cementing of PVC and ABS pressure pipelines - developed for WA Water Corp; Welding of specific plastics, eg Polypropylene, PVDF, ECTFE etc
  • XLT also provide fabrication consulting and prototyping servies, and a small fabrication and welding service (Perth only)

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